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Below are the different services that are provided at Down Town Fitness. We aim to meet an array of interests when it comes to helping you achieve your overall goals!  With an arrangement of equipment and machines, along with multiple classes offered, we hope to give you everything you are looking for in a fitness center!

While you browsing through the services and classes we offer, if you have a questions or recommendations for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us! All of your opinions and needs are important to the staff at DTF! 

Give us a call at 515.263.2940 or e-mail us at


Yearly Memberships
This provides the member with unlimited access to the gym for a 12 month period, during normal operating hours of DTF.
Rate: $45/Month

Monthly Memberships
This provides the member with a unlimited access to the gym for a month period, during normal operating hours of DTF.
Rate: $50/Month


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Classes are offered to current members of DTF, they are offered in monthly sessions.  The type of class determines the additional fee added to the current membership.  Below are the classes offered regularly (and the rates) at Down Town Fitness:

This upbeat class of martial arts and boxing movements will increase your cardio fitness to the next level, all while shaping your body and boosting your confidence! Energetic music, inspiring instructors and a similar* group environment will keep you motivated to keep kicking and smiling!

*Kickboxing is offered at three levels (depending on your skill level and what you are comfortable with):
Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert


This course combines high-energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to have an enjoyable experience while shaping their bodies. Add flare into your boring workout routine, this Latin-based group exercise class is fun and easy to do. No dance experience required.

Zumba classes are held three times a day (morning, mid-day, and evening) and members can come to one session/day at their convenience.


Running Club
The DTF Running Club is a group designed for energetic people of all ability levels. The group consists of people who like to jog and run recreationally, as well as runners who compete at the highest levels of locally sponsored races and other events. We challenge all of our members to join this group, from those who have completed numerous marathons, to those who are just beginning their running adventures. We help everyone achieve their individual goals through a mutual exchange of experiences, motivation and training.


Weight Training
This strength-training class is designed around exercises that help burn fat and build muscle, which will be beneficial for the rest of your workout years! This will be done with the use of dumb bells, resistance bands, bars, medicine balls, and stability balls as well as other equipment. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and is a great class to jump-start your workout.





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